Sunday, June 3, 2012

3. On My Plate

It's going to seem like a tangent, but it'll make sense in a minute.  Today was pretty emotional for me.  I spent an awesome weekend at my Little's, catching up on the last few months, cuddling with Isaac...  And as I drove home, it hit me that that's what I want.  I want a partnership with my best friend like she has with Andrew.  I want a baby that looks at me with eyes full of trust and the knowledge that I brought this little soul into the world.  It's hard for me, knowing this and not seeing it in the near future. But I have faith that God has a plan and that someday, the wait will be totally worth it.  So anyway, I came home still shaken, and Em's like, "Let's get pizza."  Since I didn't feel like eating anything, I said sure - I mean, she was paying, so why not?  But the awesomeness of Pizza Delight's chicken bacon ranch pizza won out, and I did eat.  Ahhh, sweet comfort food, how terrible you are for me, but at least you make me forget about my woes for a while.

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