Saturday, July 14, 2012

12. Texture, 13. Open, and 14. Building

Fat Mum Slim thought this would be a tough one, but as soon as I saw today's challenge, I knew what I wanted to shoot.  This is one of the props for the Youth Camp musical - up close you can see that it's crumpled canvas painted gray, but what you can't see is that it is thrown over a wire frame and looks like a rock!  This is the "stone" from which "Arthur" could have pulled the "sword!"

Ahhhh.  Night and Day.  If there's one place in Mansfield I miss the most, this would be it.  And on the morning of Day 6 of Youth Camp, I definitely need coffee.  Large blended chocolate peanut butter mocha?  Yes, please!

This was home for 5 years, and every year I look forward to coming back each summer.  So today, I commemorate the end of SYMC 2012 with a picture of "home."  See you next year, MU.

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